Sunday, July 4, 2010

Garlic Scapes, part 1

I went to the Ithaca farmers' market today.  I'll blog more about the farmers' market later, but for now I want to report on my introduction to garlic scapes.
Garlic scapes are the stems that grow from certain varieties of garlic.  They curl up into big curliques.  The flower bud is at the end.  Apparently the bulbs get bigger if you cut off the stems so they don't sap the plant's energy.
This is all news to me - I don't know if California garlic is the same type.  A lot of people at the farmer's market were selling them.  I was curious so I bought some.
The woman who was selling them told me that they were good in pesto, roasted, or in scrambled eggs.  A quick survey of the internet confirmed those suggestions.  Tonight I roasted a few alongside some asparagus.  I cut them into 4" pieces.  When raw, the texture is like a green bean and the flavor is a mix of garlic and pepper.  When roasted, the flavor mellows a lot and they get kind of chewy, like a roasted green bean.  They went well with the asparagus and the roast beef.
I am looking forward to trying them in pesto and scrambled eggs.

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