Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving pregame report

I've got an hour to go before my parents get here for Thanksgiving dinner.  So far, so good, with only one minor mishap.
I made pumpkin 'pie' last night.  There is no crust.  I hate making crust, and in pumpkin pie it really doesn't add anything to the overall experience.  I made the pie filling and baked it in a pyrex dish.
This morning, I slept in, and then got up and read the newspaper.  Eventually I got motivated and made the mashed potatoes.  This was the first time I've used the stand mixer to mash them up.  Easiest mashed potatoes ever- much faster than using the ricer.  Then I prepped the cauliflower and got the turkey ready.  It went into the oven around noon. It's on track to be done sometime around 3:30.  I'm going to have to roast the cauliflower once the turkey is out of the oven. There's not enough room in there.
I made stuffing.  Since there was no room in the oven, I'm cooking it in the electric skillet.  There was a bit too much.  I put some in the dutch oven, but it got completely burned on the stove and I had to trash it.  Now my house smells like burnt bread.  Anyway, there's still plenty of stuffing.  I used sourdough bread and put bacon, apples, celery, onions, and yellow raisins in it.
My mom is bringing sweet potatoes, apple pie, and cranberry sauce.  We're going to have a ton of food.
The house smelled totally good before the stuffing incident.  It smelled like bacon and turkey.  Mmmm.  My neighbors' cat, Max, has been hanging around all afternoon, probably due to the aromas. 
Anyway, that's the pregame report.  I'll post more after the meal.

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