Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving report

Thanksgiving dinner went off without a hitch.  The turkey cooked very fast - less than three hours for a 21 pounder, and it was a bit overcooked, although not dry.  Everything else was tasty and I had a nice time with my parents.
When I went to pull off the meat from the turkey, I realized why it cooked so fast, and why there wasn't really that much breast meat considering the size.  The back of the turkey was just completely fat.  I've never encountered so much fat on a turkey before. There was at least two or three pounds of it.  I'm pretty sure it was a turkey, but it had as much fat as a goose.  I picked off as much meat as I could but it was sort of a lost cause on the back. I think I had more leftovers last year with my 12 pound turkey.
I had thought I was living it up, buying the second cheapest brand of turkey. Wrong.  Nest year I'll go back to the store brand ones, or upgrade to a fancy one.
Anyway, don't get me wrong, it was tasty and I still have plenty of leftovers.  The dark meat was a bit of a gut bomb, though. My parents couldn't figure out why they were so full for so long.  Now they know!

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